Modern dining room design ideas


Are you renovating your apartment or house and you’re looking for a beautiful piece of furniture to compliment your modern dining room design? Scandinavian, minimalist, elegant, simple, colorful and eclectic, the modern dining room design becomes more and more original and highly functional – blending with the living room design or even implementing a library within – keep on reading to find your inspiration.

Modern dining room design – inspiring pictures and tips


To help you give your dining room design more trendy and personalized look, ImDesign has gather some inspiring ideas in selected pictures of the most beautiful and modern dining room furniture and decor. We will show you some inspiring and really fresh and trendy dining room design ideas – so you can discover a symphony of elegance and simplicity, color and texture, different decoration ideas and hopefully an inspiration that will help you create a modern, trendy decor in your own home. We invite you share a meal with simplicity in these modern dining room designs.

Scandinavian dining room design – beautiful and practical!


Are you looking for modern, practical and functional furniture for your dining room? Then you would definitely have to try and create Scandinavian atmosphere in your home. Not the one we have a habit to see in the decoration magazines though – go for a typical Scandinavian style and furniture and then customize it to suits your needs.

Dining room design – decor in vibrant colors


There is so many ways to customize your modern dining room! Let’s trust the trends for 2016 – you will bet absolutely right if you decide to go for multicolored tables, art deco chandeliers, design mirrors and such –  to enhance the elegant beauty of your Scandinavian style furniture. But before you go out shopping and hunting for the best furniture, keep in mind that 2016 is honoring the rich and eclectic decor in vibrant colors!

Scandinavian dining room design – always a good choice


Surround your dining table with colorful chairs – from light green, to soften the atmosphere; to bright red to energize the room! Keep in mind different type of design and artistic mirrors made a huge comeback this year! The decoration and final touches are all up to you – leave the inspiration to us! Check out these stunning modern dining rooms!

Eclectic decor – enhanced by modern Nordic style dining room design


Rustic touched dining room design


Implement a library within your dining room


Pop art wall decals for your dining room


Stunning minimalist design for your dining room



Scandinavian design at it’s finest!


Spacious dining room


All white everything 


Cozy dining room


Earth and dark tones in this dining room 


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