Scandinavian-style residence in Gothenburg, Sweden


This inspiring Scandinavian-style residence is situated in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Scandinavian-style and simplicity


Scandinavian design is renowned for its stylish simplicity. And there are many lessons we can learn from it. Creating a home environment that is conducive to happiness – within this article, we at ImDesign will let you in some of the secrets to achieve that through design!

Scandinavian-style inspired living room


#1. Let in the light

Scandinavians recognize the importance of natural daylight. It is so essential to our well being. Scandinavian homes are designed to let as much light in as possible. Windows are large and kept clear of obstruction.

Scandinavian aesthetics


#2. Maximize natural light in the home

Have you ever wondered why so many images of Scandinavian homes feature white interiors? Painting walls in white or pale shades will make your home look brighter and bounce the light around. Glossy and polished surfaces also help.

Inspiring Scandinavian design


#3. Add some wood

Warm up your interiors by introducing more natural wood into your home. This could be by way of furniture, flooring or even wall panels. A predominant feature in Scandinavian interiors, wood works in perfect balance with a white decorating scheme.

Stunning rustic & Scandinavian-style kitchen



#4. Simple and stylish furniture

Furniture from designers such as Arne Jacobsen, Hans Wegner Verner Panton and Alvar Aalto are world renowned. And with good reason. Instead, it creates a calm atmosphere and feeling of spaciousness. Something that’s really important when spending extended periods of time indoors.

Light and spacious dining area


#5. A dining table for entertaining

Socializing is a big part of the culture. So a good-sized dining table and chairs are essential for entertaining. Savouring the time spent in good company, with great conversation and delicious food is just the thing to help lift the spirits.

Simple and beautiful office area


#6. Streamlined storage

Good storage is key to creating an airy and spacious Scandinavian style interior. If possible, go for built-in furniture which will give your home a more streamlined look.

Stylish Scandinavian bedroom


#7. Cozy soft furnishings

Dress your sofa with cushions and throws to create a warm and relaxing haven and a place to rejuvenate. Opt for soft grays for a soothing look. Or for an injection of color, you could go for shades of purple and burgundy with traditional Scandinavian motifs. Check out more stunning danish furnishings here




#8. Hygge

Hygge is perhaps the secret ingredient to the feel-good Scandinavian lifestyle. And in one word probably sums up much of what has been written above. It is a way to describe enjoying the good things in life. Originally a Norwegian word, it is now widely used in Denmark.  It’s all about the everyday simple pleasures that nourish the soul: appreciating beautiful design, a bracing walk, time spent with a friend – even enjoying a cup of coffee. And it’s about creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. For a happy life filled with wonderful moments (whatever the time of year) why not follow the Danish example, and bring more hygge into your daily life.

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