The stunning Casa L4 by Luciano Kruk Arquitectos


This contemporary concrete residence located in Pinamar, Argentina, was designed in 2015 Luciano Kruk Arquitectos’ titular architect and his girlfriend, Ekaterina Künzel.

Casa L4 – stunning design


Costa Esmeralda is located thirteen kilometers north off the city of Pinamar and four hours away from Buenos Aires. Barrio Marítimo II, where the plot of land is located, is set parallel to the sea.

Spacious living room area


The sleek design fuses board-marked concrete with glass. Aiming at producing some contrast for the senses, to enter the house one must go from a gloomy semi covered space, through a narrow staircase enclosed by blind exposed concrete walls and, finally, into an open bright area: the main floor.

Stunning staircase at the heart of the house


Regarding the main floor’s design, in order to give every room as much privacy as possible, each one is located in a corner of this quadrangular floorplan. The central hall houses the social activities. Helping to organize this area, a stairway going up to the rooftop lies at the heart of the floorplan and gives order to the space as it separates the kitchen and dining area on one side, and the living room on the other.

Lovely dinning room linked with the outside


Fitted with a rooftop pool, the central living plan places the four bedrooms in the corners of the rectangular design. Clerestory glazing and narrow strip skylights allows natural light to filter between the bedrooms and living room while keeping them divided.

Bright and spacious kitchen-dinning area



This division continues throughout the rest of the structure, where a cast concrete staircase slices it in two, with the kitchen and dining room on one side and the living room on the other.

Exterior views and naturally lit spaces within the bedroom


Bright and contemporary design





The bathroom is lit by skylights on flat shower spaces!


In the middle of nature!


Two adjoining pools on a terrace facing the sea – fabulous!




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