Top 10 Garden design trends for 2016


According to Matt Keightley, an accomplished and Award Winning Garden Designer with over 12 years’ of experience in the Landscaping industry and a BA (Hons) degree in Landscape design; “As the popularity of ‘instant gardening’ continues to grow, mature specimen trees will come into their own, being used as art forms and isolated focal points in both small and large spaces. In terms of hard landscaping, there is a move to using standard products, such as the countless varieties of stone products on the market, in more creative and innovative ways.”

Garden design trends – Monochrome Palettes


A one-color palette creates a serene backdrop for outdoor living—and plays up textures in the garden. A dash of black may be all you need to call attention to the green contours of a landscape.


Sarah Eberle, another garden designer, says : “Clients are becoming more emotionally linked to their gardens and the landscape they sit in, whether located in rural or urban environments. Planting relates to place and the character of the setting. The love affair with hybridisation is over, replaced by an appreciation of the simplicity of native forms and their natural beauty. A return to Romanticism.”

Raked gardens – top design trend for 2016


Environmentally friendly Gravel Gardens (one of last year’s best garden design trends) are looking more manicured this year. Raking is a kind of meditation.


With the new year, came the new ideas and trends. Spring is already here, the sunny and longer days are one more reason to enjoy time in our gardens, and why not upgrade them, using this list of the top trends this year! ImDesign, inspired by Gardenista, put together the top garden design trends for 2016. Inspire your inner designer with our picks in the gallery below!

Fascinating design trend – see-through fences!


Increase air flow if you live in a mosquito-prone zone such as Brooklyn with spaced fence slats (the Venetian blind look also lets in light and makes a small backyard feel less like a box).


Pallet-style furniture – a hot trend for 2016


Recycle, reclaim, and reuse are the tenets of environmentally friendly garden (and outdoor furniture) design. Upcycled pallets (or slatted furniture built to evoke the look) provide a geometric focal point in the garden.


Portable Gardens


Planters on wheels, portable pots in vacant lots, wallgardens and community gardens that move indoors during cold weather are turning temporary gardens into permanent friends.


Rollaway walls – ultimate luxury!


The ultimate luxury is a house that completely erases the barriers between outdoors and in. In the spirit of their predecessor the rollaway bed, rollaway walls disappear into the background when they’re not needed.


Garden grottage 


Garage-to-cottage conversions are on the rise. The garden grottage is the new guest room.




Large mats planted with turf or wildflowers can roll out “like Persian carpets”. With the untamed look set to be another hot trend this year, some clever gardeners have come up with the idea of creating it for you, on rolls of turf, which you can then just install into your garden.


The untamed garden look


It’s hard not to see the perfection in imperfection in the garden: flowers gone to seed, sprawled clumps of unruly perennials, volunteer wildflowers, or a jerry-rigged hardscape plan that makes the most of what you have (instead of bulldozing everything to start from scratch).




Here is a new term for you – a blend of two trends – technology and reconnecting with nature. “NaTECHure has the potential to mobilize a new generation of nature-lovers”, says Susan McCoy. “It will get people off the couch, outside, and digging in the dirt again.”

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