Unbelievable travel destinations you probably never heard of


Schönau am Königssee, Germany

Where is the most amazing place that you’ve visited, of which most people have probably never heard? What are some of the best travel locations that most people have never heard of?

A secret travel destination



 The second-largest atoll in the world – Rangiroa, French Polynesia


The world is full of destinations on the well-trodden path, where the number of visitors seems to go up every year and the crowds can sometimes feel endless. There are some tourist attractions that can’t be missed: The Vatican in Rome, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Westminster Abbey in London. These are the kinds of places friends and family expect travelers to go. Don’t you want to go somewhere different for a change?

Amazing destination – Malta’s Popeye village


More about Malta’s Popeye Village here

Some of the most beautiful places it in the world are lesser known and lesser talked about. Inspired by a Quora thread about the best unknown travel destinations, ImDesign put together a list of incredibly gorgeous spots in the world, most of which are off the beaten path.. a list of hidden gems around the world that are worth the trek!  Which one of these would you like to get lost in during your next vacation?

Unbelievable travel destination


Maly Semiachik in Kamchatka, Russia.

The spectacular Iguazu waterfalls


Iguazu Waterfalls in Brazil and Argentina

The Horseshoe Bend in Page – a spectacular formation.


The Horseshoe Bend in Page, Arizona

Natural stone bridge jutting boldly into a tranquil sea – breathtaking


The Azur Window in Malta

Lençóis Maranhenses in Brazil



A coastal stretch of lagoons and dunes form arresting compositions of white sand and blue waters – stunning! During its rainy season, the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park in Maranhão, Brazil, is an unforgettable sight. Thanks to the nearly 47 inches of rain it gets each year, pools form between its massive dunes, creating thousands of clear lagoons. The best time to visit is between July and September, when the pools are at their most full.

The Marble Caves in Chile


The Marble Caves, which are located on a peninsula bordering Lake General Carrera in Chile, are a breathtaking cave network where thousands of years of waves washing up against calcium carbonate have formed swirling marble patterns on cavern walls.

The Svalbard archipelago between Norway and the North Pole


Marvel at the glaciers of Svalbard, an archipelago between Norway and the North Pole. Its whaling and fishing villages have become major tourist destinations for foreigners to see polar bears, reindeer, and marine mammals.

The Door to hell – a burning crater in Turkmenistan



The Door to Hell, located in Derweze, Turkmenistan, is a giant hole of fire that was created when geologists accidentally tapped into a cavern teeming with natural gas in 1971. They burned off the hole, hoping that the fire would use all of the fuel that leaked and inevitably burn out, but it has continued burning to this day.

The town of Monsanto, Portugal


Monsanto, a town built among boulders in Mt. Monsanto, Portugal, has stood the test of time since the Early Stone Age.

Setenil de las Bodegas, Rio Trejo in Spain


Setenil de las Bodegas grew out of a network of caves located in the cliffs above the Rio Trejo in Spain. Today, its white houses have been built within this network, and some even have rock roofs. The area is also home to bars, restaurants, and spectacular food.

La Grotte de St Marcel d’Ardèche, France


Discovered in 1836 by a hunter, France’s Grotte de St Marcel d’Ardèche is home to almost 200,000 feet of known passageways. Here, travelers will find an underground network of water basins and breathtaking rock formations.

The Cappadocia Valley in Turkey


The Cappadocia Valley in Turkey is home to thousand-year-old cave dwellings. Many of the ancient underground homes are still occupied.

The Capuchin Crypt in Italy


Head under a Roman church to the Capuchin Crypt, perhaps the creepiest attraction in all of Italy. Located beneath a 400-year-old church, it contains the skeletal remains of 3,700 bodies with bones nailed into the walls in intricate patterns.

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