LEGO inspired bedroom designs – a kids’ paradise


 Remember playing with Lego as a kid and wishing you could live in a house made of it? Perhaps you still dream about it (relax, we won’t tell anybody – some of us still do) ! Here’s an idea… No! – Here’s a way to make you the coolest parent ever : Design an all – LEGO room for your kid. Perhaps one of the most iconic toys in the world, these little kits of building blocks are loved by children and adults. When it comes to creating a kids’ paradise, the bedroom of your child’s dreams, a LEGO decor scheme is the perfect way to go – you just can’t do much better than that!

Lego inspired creativity room


 Are you on the hunt for the perfect look for your kid’s bedroom. You want it to represent them and not be too “child like” or something that you will have to change in less than 2 years. If you’re looking for some inspiration for a LEGO-themed kids’ room, you’ve come to the right place! ImDesign had gathered together some amazing and fabulous LEGO inspired bedrooms – you’ll see pink and purple LEGO bedrooms for little girls, subdued white LEGO-inspired rooms for kids of all ages; rooms based on specific LEGO kits, such as Star Wars rooms and even rooms inspired by Egyptian pharaohs!

Lego loft – a cool idea for your kids’ room


 Installing a loft bed with play space underneath is a perfect way to get the most out of a small space. Paint and round wooden pieces were used to turn a simple loft bedding unit into a gorgeous piece that looks like it was literally built out of giant LEGO blocks.

The perfect Lego pad for two


 Looking for a Lego kids’ bedroom design ideas perfect for two? Using two design units, painted and decorated to look like large LEGO blocks will help you split one large bedroom into two areas. Create more space by turning the perimeter around the windows into extra storage space by affixing cube storage units, painted in alternating bright colors and spaced out with wooden LEGO-inspired blocks, like on this image.

 Look no further – this is the ideal bright design scheme for a room for two.

Lego from top to bottom!


 Inspired by the bright colors of Lego blocks, this room is designed to accommodate a whopping four beds, but the look could be duplicated with a single wooden bunk bed unit, stained or painted a deep navy blue. The unique floor makes this bedroom an especially interesting LEGO-themed room.

Lovely Lego loft bed


 Classic but uniquely LEGO look for this room design! Many LEGO room design ideas use the bed as a focal point and this design idea is no exception.

A classic red and yellow Lego lounge


 The red LEGO wall decal rounds out this beautiful LEGO bedroom design. When it comes to Lego-inspired kid’s room ideas, bright colors are the name of the game – red and yellow color scheme, which is distinctly LEGO, is a great choice for your child’s bedroom.

Futuristic Lego room


 This abstract and modern LEGO platform bed presents a unique design that is both eye-catching and practical. The exterior walls of this raised bed unit feature storage cabinets designed to look like giant LEGO blocks. This design also features two large LEGO-shaped floor level drawers, perfect for storing toys and clothes.

The force awakens – Star Wars and Lego 


 This room design would be perfect if your child is a fan of Star Wars. Combining these bedroom designs is really easy – Lego and Star Wars go hand-in-hand. Indeed, Star Wars-themed LEGO sets are some of the film franchise’s most popular branded merchandise!

Girly bedroom inspired by Lego


 Lego’s Heartlake City line is a fun building kit for little girls that allows them to create whimsical castles and homes.  By using the Heartlake City wall art, in addition to muted lavenders and pinks, you can create the perfect room for a Lego-loving little girl.

Pharaoh’s Quest inspired bedroom 


 This is another one of the Lego room designs inspired by a specific Lego collection. Lego has created myriad Egyptian-inspired kits, including the immensely popular Pharaoh’s Quest, and this room uses it as an inspiration perfectly.

Inspired by the medieval world of Lego


 You can pay tribute to one of the most popular Lego kits – Lego medieval-inspired castle kits –  by creating a completely medieval space. This bedroom proves that Lego room decor doesn’t always have to feature the traditional yellow, red and blue block design.

Awesome Lego movie room


 The Lego movie is a favorite of children and adults! Pay tribute to the classic film by giving your kids a decked out Lego Movie room, featuring the poster from the film and bedding and curtains featuring the movie’s most loved characters.

A Lego lounge with awesome Lego wall decals


Cool customized Lego room


Lego inspired teenager’s bedroom


A pop of color – lovely Lego bedroom design


Lego-inspired accents – brilliant bursts of color






 I don’t know about you, but I want to be a kid forever!

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