Stunning home library and office interior design ideas


If you absolutely love to read then having a home library is essential to you.  Would it have a mix of paperbacks and hardback editions? Or would it be completely leather bound classics? Would you arrange them by genre, then author? Would there be room for a projector, and maybe a velvet tufted sofa? In any case, there’s nothing cozier than a comfortable room full of books and maybe even a fireplace.

Vintage and classy library – a book’s lover dream


We’ve gathered together stunning home libraries, from modern to traditional. So, for the book lovers out there, here are our list of home library and offices interior design ideas. We’d like to curl up with a good book in #1 and #5 from our list. Which is your favorite?

Colorful accents within the neutral color scheme of this library’s design


Stunning home library design


This beautiful home library is designed by Michael S. Smith. The library’s mirror and ottoman are by English Georgian; the sofa and armchair are by O. Henry House.

Home cozy reading room


This beautiful home library and office is designed by Margaret Donaldson Interiors. The comfortable chair gives this room a really cozy feeling. We absolutely love the large chair with a soft cushion – it can give your back the proper support it needs and will even let you move around! Add a footstool, like on the picture, and it will help you prop up your legs after a long and tiring day at the office. Cozy and really comfortable reading room, indeed!

Lovely home library design


What would you need besides a library to satisfy your reading needs? A cool reading nook, of course – Mobileffe Italy are found guilty of creating this lovely and comfortable home library design.

Simple and fabulous home library design!


Your home library can be a simple reading corner with bookshelves that go up to the ceiling, like this stunning library design, we found on Ascher Davis Architects

Home library design ideas


Having a good layout in your library is essential, as shown in this picture – another favorite by Mobileffe Italy. Also don’t forget to make sure that it has a good traffic. Good arrangement of books and having a separate bookshelf for new books will spare you a lot of time.

Modern home library and office design


Stunning eclectic library designeclectic-library-color-pop-color-coordinated-books


Casa EMOCIONAL Alberto Lazaro

Minimalist library design 


Monochromatic minimalist library design – we’re in love!


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