The stunning Ox Chair inspired by Hans J Wegner


Hans Jørgensen Wegner was a world-renowned Danish furniture designer. His style is often described as Organic Functionality, a modernist school with emphasis on functionality. His designs were manufactured by several manufacturers, including Getama, AP Stolen, Johannes Hansen, Andreas Tuck, Ry Mobler, Fredericia Stolefabrik, Carl Hansen & Sons, Fritz Hansen, PP Mobler and Erik Jorgensen.

Wegner Ox Chair


Wegner’s fascination with Picasso inspired him to do this sculptural and powerful chair. The artist’s surrealist paintings of the 1930s were the inspiration for the Ox Chair – powerful and sculptural in its design, it was originally launched in 1960, but was seen to be ahead of its time; the reason for production stopping just two years later in 1962. It was manufactured by AP Stolen of Denmark and produced for only two years and then forgotten for the next 27 years. Fortunately  it was resurrected by the awesome collaboration between Hans J Wegner and Erik Jørgensen that brought back to live this beautiful and surreal, iconic design. Production recommenced in 1989  using more modern technologies but still staying true to the essence of the original design – in terms of elegance, handcraft and looks, and appealing to a far wider audience at a time when the world was ready for Wegner’s innovative ideas.

Iconic design


Ox Chair is the essence of masculinity. With the chair’s tight design expression, Wegner has created the ultimate lounge chair with a sculptural heft that makes it a bit of a cliffhanger. Since its birth in 1960, Ox Chair has been an obvious iconic item on the list of furniture must-haves. It is available in a wide range of different fabrics and leathers, and a choice of different colors. It was Wegner’s belief that every chair should be aesthetically brilliant from all angles, it shouldn’t have a back that should be hidden away from view. The Ox Chair achieves this aim, and also reflects Wegner’s passion for combining modern and innovative designs with classic techniques and materials! Choose leather for an everlasting exclusive look or a warm and welcoming retro textile. An immortal classic that is always capable of adjusting.

The ultimate lounge chair


The Ox Chair has won many prestigious awards and is worldwide exhibited. Today Ox Chair stands as a sculptural, agile and masculine manifestation – with a feeling of elegance and class – of the very best which Danish furniture has to offer.

The ox chair is  aesthetically brilliant


Ox Chair’s superb design, from all angels


Modern, innovative design meets classic techniques and materials










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