Kitchen Trends for 2016: simplicity, elegance and contrast

Are you anticipating this year’s hottest kitchen trends, we’re right there with you! Over the last few decades, we’ve gone from bright appliances to stainless steel, from black and white linoleum to wood floors. But what’s to come in 2016?

Are you interested in remodeling your kitchen, you’re building a brand new home or perhaps you just want to upgrade a few important details in your existing kitchen décor. If you want to update the look of your kitchen, you’ve come to the right place – we’ve gather together the hottest kitchen designs for 2016. Without further ado, here are the latest kitchen trends!

Kitchen trends for 2016 – soft color palettes!



Soft color palettes, less saturated hues

Kitchen colors are changing – white motifs will still dominate but everything from cabinets to backsplashes will be done in less saturated tones. According to interior designer Jane Lockhart “Charcoal, grays and even neutral pastels like pale blue, pale green gray and tinted whites are the new alternative to the standard white” Kitchens will be utilizing lighter wood tones such as walnuts, whitewashed woods and white oak in rift grain.


Kitchen trends – smart device spaces




Hi-Tech Appliances

Get ready for a hi-tech makeover. In the near future, designated spots for smart devices will be a commonality. You’ll soon be finding hidden areas for charging stations along with convenient places to store your devices. Smart appliances will dominate the kitchen, making it convenient for families on the go.

The ’80s are back


Bring Back the ‘80s

The ‘80s are making a comeback this year! Expect to see mirrored backsplashes, brass accessories and high-gloss finishes. However, they’ll be elegant and refined this time around – a bit more subdued than what we’ve seen in the past.

Metal hood introduces a burst of contrast into the kitchen


Metal Range Hoods

One of last year’s biggest trends was metallic finishes – copper, brass or bronze. However, homeowners went with small helpings of metal, primarily using faucets, pendant lights and cabinet pulls to incorporate this raw texture. In 2016, metal will assume a more dominant role in kitchen aesthetics and trump wood as the range hood of choice. Consider incorporating a metal hood into your kitchen to add a burst of contrast.

Open plan kitchen and living room design



Integrated kitchen-living spaces

Kitchens that converge with the home’s living space are becoming increasingly popular and trendy – what better way to make your cooking space feel more accommodating! If this sounds appealing to you – this is your best bet! Designers will merge kitchens and living rooms by including hidden and integrated appliances.

New kind of a traditional kitchen design


A new kind of tradition

Traditional designs were a once popular choice for homeowners but now they’re opting for fewer frills. Present-day kitchens are embracing simple design and even the traditional spaces will experience a cleaner feel with bold lines and less fussy details. Traditional designs will always remain popular, but future renditions will be more deliberate with an emphasis on key elements like hoods, islands, cabinet crowns and so on.

Texture-on-texture contrast – Imdesign’s favorite !


Texture-on-texture – a stronger contrast

It’s time to reimagine contrast in 2016. Variations in texture will soon be appearing in more and more kitchens. Texture in various patterns throughout the kitchen is going to be replacing traditional methods of contrast.

A nod to midcentury mod


Nordic Style

Due to the increase popularity of modern furniture, the Nordic Style will now flow into the kitchen. We can already see this in islands and cabinets that incorporate walnut, but kitchens will soon be giving a nod to the ‘60s modern style. You can get in on this minimalist movement by choosing predominantly white color palettes, designing with light wood textures and clearing away unnecessary clutter. Nordic design is all about simplicity and functionality.

Illumination – well lit cabinetry 


Well-lit cabinetry

Homeowners won’t settle for just ceiling lights and table lamps to illuminate their kitchens – cabinet lighting as accent pieces will be used more and more. It is becoming one of the most recognized ways to spruce up the kitchen. Paired with recess lights, cabinet lighting provides better mood-setting abilities.

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