Zen bathroom design ideas for pure relaxation in your home


We all need a respite from our busy life, and what a better way to get it than transforming our bathrooms into a personal refuge. If you look for  an inspiration for a Feng Shui atmosphere, you’ve come to the right place – Imdesign has gather some amazing design ideas for decorating and remodeling your bathroom, so you can give it a peaceful zen look.

Zen bathtoom – the perfect place for relaxation


Zen design embodies this minimalist philosophy, making use of natural materials, patterns of light and space, and a near-monastic rejection of clutter. Zen is harmony, balance and peace. These are the three elements that also find their way into the decoration of a Zen bathroom and design, so it becomes a refuge for your body and soul.

Zen design and colorful floral motifs


Designing or decorating a Zen bathroom requires natural materials such as wood, bamboo, stone, granite or marble. Green plants and flowers play a big role in bringing a touch of color that this bathroom design needs. Combinations of different glass elements – such as walls, screens and mirrors – are typical for the Asian design. Below in our gallery we’ve gather a selection of beautiful and peaceful Zen design ideas that will inspire you to create an atmosphere of complete harmony in your bathroom.

Paint it black.. and white!


The colors in the Zen bathroom are usually natural and bright – rely on daylighting, and artificial light that mimics sunlight and can be dimmed to create ambiance.

The materials are also natural and play great aspect of importance into creating a peaceful zen bathroom design –  bamboo, stone or stripped plank floors; matte white or soft neutral walls; disappearing, light-reflecting white ceilings; upholstery and curtains of unbleached fibers – they all blend into a relaxing symmetry.

Stone and wood elements with a stunning garden view


decoration-zen-bathroom-stone-wall-natural-wood furniture-vanity-plant-green

Light is the basic source of energy –  an open, unrestricted habitat in which rooms dissolve easily into each other is what you’re looking for when creating a zen bathroom. Pick up large windows – rely on daylighting, and artificial light that mimics sunlight and you will have an amazing zen spot in your own home!

Fabulous copper bathtub and sink


The decoration of a Zen bathroom is rather moderate – oval shapes are the accent – interesting flowerpot designs, original vases, etc. Replace some of the walls by glass walls to enlarge the space.

Where possible, polish bare wood or slate floors; remove all ornate door frames, ceiling medallions, insistently attention-grabbing drapes and wall art, and patterned wallpaper. Create a cloud to live in and set your imagination free!

Italian shower design and beautiful floral motifs


Stunning bathroom design


Elegant and bright design with a beautiful view


Marble bathroom design with exotic motifs 


Beautifully implemented glass partition


Sleek minimalist design 


Elegant zen bathroom design


Gray marble brings class to this zen bathroom design


 A truly relaxing zen spot


An oasis for relaxation at home




decoration-zen-bathroom-furniture-basin washers-wood-bath-apron-storage


decoration-zen-bathroom-white-jacuzzi shower cubicle-chair-relax-orchids


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