Top swimming pool design trends for 2016


New year – new trends. Spring is already here and summer’s right around the corner – if you’re considering a new pool for the hot upcoming season, why not usher in the new year the right way. These up and coming pool trends are everything you’ve ever wanted for your pool, but didn’t even know you could have! Let’s dive in!

Stunning knife-edge pool design!


Knife-Edge Design

With water that appears to float at deck level, this technically challenging detail creates a look that is unmatched in pool design. An upgrade from the ever popular infinity edge design, the knife-edge shares the same negative drop-off characteristics as its predecessor, but without the inherent necessity of an overhanging ledge! This design utilizes a diagonal slot, constructed within the pool interior, to give the pool the appearance that the water level is overflowing onto the surrounding deck or pavement, without ever actually spilling over. The design showcases no visible incongruity between the pool and surrounding surface, giving the pool a somewhat illusionary effect – the driving force behind its growing popularity. Infinity pools can be an amazing spectacle with the right backyard landscape, but the knife-edge design can accommodate any flat-surfaced area.



Fabulous baja shelves pool design


Baja Shelves & In-Pool Furniture

One reason Baja shelves are so popular is that they can fit into just about any pool design. The shape can be customized to fit the pool, whether it’s geometric, freeform, or some other style. And, while space is an issue, they require a lot less room than beach entries, which offer many of the same benefits.

While neither typically exist apart, Baja shelves can exist singularly. Commonly thought of as lounging areas, these “shelves” are an intuitive design feature which effectively transforms any generic pool into a backyard resort. With the water level lapping gently over the shelf area, you and your guests will be able to lay back and relax in the water during breaks between swimming sessions. As aforementioned, semi-submergible lounge furniture is the key to the ultimate water lounge experience. From chaise lounges, to pillows and tables, you would be astounded by the complexity of the underwater set-ups available today.



Astonishing zero entry modern pool design


Zero Entry

A zero entry swimming pool, also known as a beach entry, is a design that brings to mind going to an actual beach – minus the sand. Comparable in nature to the baja shelves’ beach-like offerings, the zero entry slope ups the ante, providing your pool with an entrance reminiscent to that of a real beach. In addition to easing access for aesthetic affinity, this surfacing feature creates a safe environment for young children to learn to swim, and accommodates the needs of disabled and elderly guests. To complete the atmosphere, some owners even elect to include sand and tropical trees, effectively forming their own tropical escape, right in the comfort of their backyard.



The hottest trend in pool design!


Fire Features

From glowing fire pits and fire bowls to blazing tiki torches and fire troughs, today’s talented pool builders and designers are incorporating a variety of fire features in their swimming pool designs.

Fire and water features are a great way to add depth to your pool atmosphere and set the tone of your landscape. There are a variety of fire features on the market, some functional, others solely aesthetic. Depending on the ambiance you wish to cultivate, pavement-bound fire pits may be of interest to you. Fully functional, and great for warming up after a dip, these features make the perfect centerpieces for those aspiring to bring people together. Poolside fire features, on the other hand, can really enhance and accentuate the characteristics of your pool.




LED lights – an astonishing trend!


Accentuated Lighting

Practical yet tasteful, underwater LED lights can really push your pool over the top, and elegantly accommodate night swimming. When coupled with poolside outdoor lighting, you can really set the mood you’re going for. Most lighting systems can be configured to exhibit specific patterns and a variety of colors. You should be able to work with your provider to develop the backyard ambiance you’re searching for. Check out more LED lights here and here



Immense beauty with glass tiling!


Glass Tiling

Glass tile adds immense beauty and allure to swimming pools, and when installed properly, most types of glass tile represent the most durable of all swimming pool and spa surfaces. Glass tiles come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and finishes, and can be used to accent any style of pool, be it traditional, modern, or natural.

Glass tiling has become an increasingly popular accent in new pool designs. Its iridescent shine provides a stylish accompaniment to any pool, especially the knife-edge and infinity edge designs. In terms of utility, glass tiling outperforms both its ceramic and porcelain counterparts, making it the best all-around choice.




Easy maintenance and automation


Digital Compatibility

In accordance with the growing desire for simplicity and control in today’s market, many pool companies have developed smartphone compatible equipment, which allow for full integration and control of your backyard masterpiece. We are now at the time where most things in your home can be controlled with the use of your smartphone or via the internet. Your backyard swimming pool is no different. Automated systems for your swimming pool allow you to be able to control temperature, chemical feeding, cleaning, lighting, filtration and other features. Want to turn on your hot tub jets on your way home from a long day at work? This can simply be done via an app on your smartphone. Want to turn on your landscape lighting without leaving you living room? Grab your wireless remote. Maintaining your pool is easier than ever with the latest technology available with pool automation.

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