Stylish and modern Scandinavian bedroom designs


Scandinavian design is a term to represent a design movement characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality that emerged in the 1950s in the five Nordic countries of Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Denmark. While the term Scandinavia only refers to the three kingdoms of Denmark, Sweden and Norway, it can be used colloquially to refer to all five of these countries.

Even though it dates back to the ’50s, Scandinavian design still looks young and fresh. Thanks to its simplicity and attention for functionality, this design philosophy easily stood the test of time. Furniture, lighting and decoration pieces in Nordic style are more popular than ever. Typical for Scandinavian design are the bright wall colors, the usage of raw materials and a link to the outdoors.

Today we take a look at these awesome Scandinavian bedrooms that vary enormously, and yet each one seems equally captivating in its own unique way.

Exposed brick wall brings textural beauty


There are ways beyond color to give your bedroom visual contrast, and turning to a multitude of textures is an added bonus when it concerns Scandinavian style. Plush cowhide rugs, accent walls draped in wood, and a hint of shimmering copper in the form of a cool pendant light are all trendy ways that you can decorate your Scandinavian bedroom.

Lovely Scandinavian bedroom


Modern Scandinavian bedroom design


We absolutely love Scandinavian bedrooms that feature a nifty sleigh or platform bed, as this instantly becomes the focal point of the room without trying too hard.

Hanging bed – a fabulous design idea!


Pastels bring delicate beauty

Scandinavian-Bedroom-Ideas Pastels-bring-delicate-beauty-to-the-bedroom

While white needs no introduction in Scandinavian-style interiors, do not underestimate the importance of black and gray in the overall scheme of things. Black anchors the room, helps define and highlight the architectural features of your choice, and offers the ideal visual balance. Shades of gray enhance this seemingly monochromatic look and give the posh, minimal Scandinavian bedroom a more contemporary and sophisticated aura.

Back to basics!


Attic bedroom in black and white


Unassuming bed for those who love minimalism!


Fabulous bedroom draped in Scandinavian minimalism


A dash of color!


One amazing feature of Scandinavian bedrooms is the neutral backdrop that they offer, making it possible for you to decorate with statement pieces and sculptural additions in a truly exquisite fashion. Color is a great way of showing  personality and distinct identity.  When it comes to Scandinavian bedrooms, it is always curated pops of color that work best.

Scandianavian attic bedroom in space-savvy design


Adapting a Scandinavian style is not just about aesthetics alone, and it also gives an ergonomic advantage for those with a small bedroom. If you are short on space, the inherent simplicity of the Nordic style, its use of a neutral color palette with white being the predominant color, and the shunning of unnecessary accessories and decor are indeed big advantages!





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