Fabulous teen bedroom wall decoration ideas – photo wallpapers and decals


Decorating a room provides a great opportunity for children to express their personalities, and can be a great opportunity for parents to learn more about their kids. Maybe you think your child’s favorite color is blue and it turns out to be red instead, or you want to paint your girl’s room pink, but she prefers lavender. If you really want pink, consider redoing your room pink – all we want is help you create the perfect cool teenage bedroom  for your grown up kid, so let him/her express his preferences, style and personality.

Accent wall idea – modern photo wallpaper


The ideas for bedroom wall decoration design are numerous. When your teen girl grows out the stage of princesses and fairies in a castle and your teen boy is no longer fascinated by cartoon cars but with real racing car, it is about time to change the decor in the bedroom. Teenagers like to bring a personal touch to their room – when it comes to decorating the walls, there are a variety of options and photo wall ideas. Discuss with your  child the idea of a cool theme for the decor – choose something modern like music, dance, fashion, football, graffiti, so it feels more like an adult room. The new hit are photo wallpapers – landscapes, urban images, abstract or surrealist drawings look very cool in a teenage room. Fast cars and fashion are among the most popular teen bedroom wall decoration ideas but we will show you some other options which are suitable for young ladies and gentlemen.

Stunning urban and modern wallpaper


This might be a real challenge for you and that’s why Imdesign is here to help you – if you simply have no idea what to do with a large and blank wall, a photo wallpaper is the perfect project. The wallpapers have gone a long way from the outdated designs of the past and have great contemporary and intricate patterns today. These wallpapers are inexpensive and completely removable. Depending on the interests of your teenager, you can use a wallpaper with a simple pattern or a photo wallpaper with 3D effects.

Pink accents and romance in the girls room


The stunning wall decoration ideas of a teen bedroom feature a wide variety of wall decals. They can be used to create beautiful and unique wall decorations – letters, animals, plants, dance themed decals, fashion or sports themed ones – all those and more are available at the shops. Applying wall decals is very simple – select a template and desired color, attach the stencil on the wall, pat it, let it dry and remove the stencil.

Graffiti wall decals in the boys room


Now lets dive in the gallery below for more really cool and awesome decoration ideas!

Cool photo wallpapers – fabulous decor idea!


For more variety, you can check even more amazing wall stickers here and here

Amazing wallpaper idea for this attic room!


Wallpaper space theme 


Really cool street dance theme


Amazing fashion themes



Garden theme for a gorgeous and natural look






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