A Modernist Dream – 2 Stunning Floating Homes in Copenhagen


A floating building is a building unit with a flotation system at its base, to allow it to float on water. Floating buildings have environmental benefits such as unsusceptibility to changes in sea level, and minimisation of disturbance to the ecology of the harbour or seabed.

We came across two amazing floating homes in Copenhagen and are eager to share them with you. Let’s dive in! 

Beautiful facade terrace


Danish boatbuilder Laust Nørgaard has completed a floating home for his family in Copenhagen harbour. Lisbeth Juul and Laust Nørgaard drew upon their years of experience living on the water to design and build this stunning floating house. The home’s minimal form and furnishings reflect the residents’ desire to downsize following three years on land.

Larch-wood shutters offer the residents privacy


 The houseboat features a dark-stained wood exterior and floor-to-ceiling sliding doors that offer residents generous views of the water.

Entrance hall


Light-stained sliding slatted shutters provide privacy when needed, and also allow the pair to control light levels. The narrow entrance hall faces another door, which opens seaward. Built-in cabinets serve as both storage and display.

Fabulous view


Glass doors grant the bedroom an immediate connection to the water.

Open living, kitchen and dining area



Inside, the kitchen, dining area, and living area are all open plan. Light plywood walls and a wood-burning stove give the space a contemporary cabin-like feel. Nautical references are kept to a minimum, but a few touches nod toward the home’s habitat. Built-in shelves and cubbies are set into the walls, providing efficient storage. The interior is furnished with modern classics. A Rais wood-burning stove recalls a ship’s furnace; soft green and blue fiberglass Eames chairs echo the color of the sea, which is a constant presence thanks to floor-to-ceiling glass doors. The custom dining table sits beneath a sculptural Titania pendant by Alberto Meda. Their yellow Labrador, Buster, rests next to a Hay sofa.

Simple kitchen design – combination of function and aesthetics!


The couple have crafted their own kitchens in the past. For their floating home, however, they selected the black Vipp kitchen.





Nørgaard designed the family’s modern dining table. The kitchen island is a freestanding metal unit by the Danish company Vipp and includes storage, the cooktop, and the sink.



Sparsely decorated room


features a PK33 stool, DUX bed, and framed photo of Björk by Anton Corbijin.

Simple and aesthetic bathroom design


In the bathroom, the home’s epoxy floor transitions from whitish gray to submarine yellow. The sink and tub are by Galassia, and the faucets are by Vola. A ladder, which serves as a towel rack, was sourced from the Danish Emergency Management Agency. The black-and-white industrial laundry bin is again by Vipp.


The family’s collection of contemporary art reflects their interests in music, photography, and theatre.

The second floating house we decided to show you today is again in Copenhagen and its name is.. Copenhagen!- a custom designed home build by Dirkmarine 


The houseboat – Copenhagen – was build in Copenhagen in 2006, and has for many years been a showcase for Dirkmarine. The hull is Dirkmarines concrete HUBB®, it is 17 meters long and 7 meters wide. The home has two floors and is in total app 200 m2, there are terraces around the watersides of the home, and a full length roof terrace. This design with mahogany cladding has especially been chosen to combine the in- and outdoor area. The big mahogany folding windows in all the corners of the upper floor, makes it easy to enjoy the beautiful views, fresh air and the wildlife.

Stunning custom build kitchen




The houseboat interior is very exclusive, the floors are peach pine, the kitchen is custom build, the bathrooms are designed with Italian sinks, bathtubs and toilets. The floor in the bathrooms are handmade terrazzo. The in- and outdoor lighting are the highest quality Italian lights. The home has central vacuum cleaner and is equipped with technique and tanks making it independent of location.


Exclusive interiorfabulous-living-room-view


Minimalist dining area


The door opens seaward!



There’s even an outdoor shower!


Living on a floating home also facilitates a frequent use of water sports. A small speedboat, a canoe, SUP and windsurfing are some of the sports that are easy to enjoy right at the foot of a floating home.

The houseboat Copenhagen is today moored a beautiful place, very close to the heart of Copenhagen.



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