Fabulous balcony and terrace design and beautiful decorating ideas


Im design has put together these mind-blowing beautiful balcony and terrace ideas, to provoke and inspire the inner designer in you – just be creative with the furnishing and decor and you will have your own dream/escape place in no time. The warm and sunny days are knocking on our doors and it’s really important that we are prepared to let them in properly- having an outdoor place to sit comfortably and relax, read or just enjoy the view is what most of us need after a long day at work. Enjoying a family breakfast or having an intimate diner during the week-ends are some of the many things you can do, once you accomplish this fantastic task of decorating your terrace or balcony.

Beautiful french balcony with its own garden!


So, feel free and use these fabulous ideas to decorate your terrace or balcony for the spring and summer to come.

Comfortable bench for your balcony!


There are many different ideas for decorating your balcony and terrace. If you, for example, have a small balcony in your apartment –  do not get discouraged too quickly- you can easily use and work very well with the outdoor space. If you want to turn your balcony into a little paradise, all you have to do is choose the appropriate furniture! Try to arrange a small lounge area – we suggest you buy and put up a folding table and chairs on your balcony, or you can also simply use a bench! How to decorate your balcony in a proper manner? – Easily, just use pots of flowers and various plants, for example. Choose a cool and fresh color theme and voilà – you have the final touch of a stunning furniture and a fabulous decorating – all a balcony needs to be perfect!

Fabulous design idea for your balcony and terrace!


The decorating and implementing of some design ideas for your balcony or terrace are a lot easier to achieve if you happen to work with a more spacious room or bigger areas. If you’re lucky enough to have an enormous patio or a rooftop terrace, you’re available to use and apply our ideas in many ways. You can create a contemporary lounge area – setting up a comfortable and cozy corner sofa is a great way to go! Add some cushions for extra comfort, and let the natural light, bright and sunny atmosphere do the rest – we ensure you this is going to be your pure relaxation place. If you have a rooftop terrace, remember to protect yourself from the sun, by putting up a sunshade,  a gazebo / pergola or simply an umbrella.  A hanging basket, hanging planters or large flower pots will offer you and bring more freshness and a greater dose of mood and natural spirit to you relaxation place. Do not hesitate and feel free to imply our fabulous ideas for decorating your balcony or terrace!

A simple zen garden for your balcony!


Make a small garden!


Luxurious space on a spacious terrace!


A well furnished patio for your modern terrace


Practical design for your small balcony


Relaxing and modern balcony


Modern furniture upholstery


Wonderful view!


Enjoy an outdoor breakfast!





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