The “Proust” armchair in marble – surreal design


Alessandro Mendini penned a new chapter in the story of his most iconic work, the “Proust” armchair originally created in 1978, making it entirely in marble. The whiteness and weight of this material give the object a hyper-realist appearance and an almost surreal effect, with a touch of very contemporary visual design.

The “Proust” armchair in marble – supreme design!


The Proust chair was developed after Mendini stumbled across a copy of a Neo-baroque chair while researching ideas for a fabric pattern for Cassina, influenced by the work of French writer Marcel Proust. The original version of the chair was covered in a multicolored fabric, with a pattern carried through in its hand-painted frame, enlarging and reproducing an artwork by Pointillist artist Paul Signac.

It was originally a one-off design, but its popularity led Mendini to produce variations in limited numbers.

Amazing floral ornaments in marble!

Alessandro-Mendini-marble-Proust-chair- white-flower-decoration

Carrara marble, the precious “eternal white rock” chosen and sculpted by master Michelangelo, is at the center of a new synergy between the protagonists of Italian creativity, local craftsmanship and technological innovation.

Modern baroque furniture!


The first outcome of this operation resulted in exhibition “Solid Senses”, organized by Robot City – Italian Art Factory, a company born in the heart of the marble district of Carrara and captained by Gualtiero Vanelli, owner of the quarries from which the marble that was used was mined. A single block of stone weighing more than 38,750 tons that was extracted and processed in every phase according to rigorous criteria of eco-sustainability.

For connoisseurs only!


This solid block provided the raw material for the limited edition projects on display at the Ventura Living Room of Lambrate during Fuori Salone in Milan and made by Cini and Stefano Boeri, Stefano Giovannoni, Alessandro Mendini and Paolo Ulian.

Four great names of architecture and design from different generations and schools of thought. Each of them brings out the expressive and functional potential of this ancient and fascinating material, translating it into a contemporary form according to their own style and language.

Reinterpretation of the Tavolo Onda



Architect Stefano Boeri presented a reinterpretation of the Tavolo Onda – or Wave Table – designed by his mother, architect Cini Boeri.

Rabbit Tree table and chairs



A tree-like table accompanied by a set of rabbit-shaped chairs were created by designer Stefano Giovannoni. It features a rounded table supported by a thick base as well as the marble rabbit chairs.

Comb by Paolo Ulian and Moreno Ratti


Designers Paolo Ulian and Moreno Ratti worked together to create a bench that can be stacked up to form a bookshelf and a separate chair. The modular Comb piece has two legs carved with flutes, which reduce the weight, and a flat top. When stacked together, the repeated elements form a shelving unit with arched nooks for storing items.

Land chair by Paolo Ulian


The Land chair is made from two flat marble slabs cut concentrically, forming tiers that step inward towards the base.

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