“Generico Chair” for 3d printing pioneers by Marco Hemmerling and Ulrich Nether


The german designers Marco Hemmerling  and Urlich Nether  have produced the extraordinary and fabulous ‘Generico Chair’.

Genetico chair in vivid colors


Generico is a new kind of furniture based on generative and additive manufacturing technologies. Following an iterative design strategy, a calculation enabled the reduction in volume, while respecting the rigidity, comfort and functional requirements. The design is based on comfort and meets all the ergonomic functional requirements. Following the parametric method in design, a 3D model was examined using FEM-software for measuring deformation and stress before all the results were incorporated into a final 3D model of this extraordinary chair. The concept of iterative in design reduced parts of the volume, but the product still held comfort.

Iridescent colors


Generico is a prototype of thinking “outside the box” and a champion for 3D printing. The development of this product as well as the differently shaped process that includes a detailed analysis of the structural performance, the optimal distribution of materials and the ergonomic demands, has caught our attention. The holistic approach using the latest technology is just outstanding and Imdesign is excited to share it with you.

Genetico offers simplicity, comfort and function


Design:Marco Hemmerling and Ulrich Nether

FEM-calculation: Mathias michel, imagine structure

3D-printing: Stratasys

Photos: Dirk Schelpmeier

Interesting back view of this extraordinary chair


It just grabs your attention. Impressive!


 Stunning! Take a look at the details!




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